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Homeownership is Cornerstone of American Dream

by Christie Cannon

Homeownership is a Cornerstone of the American Dream

Homeownership is a Cornerstone of the American Dream |MyKCM

“The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

The famous quote attributed to Mark Twain can apply to homeownership in the United States today. During the housing bubble of the last decade, the homeownership rate soared to over sixty-nine percent. After the crash, that percentage continued to fall for the next ten years.

That led to speculation that homeownership was no longer seen as a major component of the American Dream. That belief became so widespread that the term “renters’ society” began to be used by some to define American consumers.

However, the latest report by the Census Bureau on homeownership shows that over the last two years, the percentage of homeowners has increased in each of the last eight quarters.

Homeownership is a Cornerstone of the American Dream |MyKCM

Going forward…

It appears the homeownership rate will continue to increase.

The 2019 Aspiring Home Buyers Profile recently released by the National Association of Realtors revealed that 84% of non-owners want to own a home in the future. That percentage increased from 73% earlier last year.

Bottom Line

In the United States, the concept of homeownership as part of the American Dream is very much alive and well.


To discuss if homeownership fits into our family & financial plan, contact one of our agents at 469-951-9588

DFW Real Estate Q1 Recap

by Christie Cannon


  • Sales of existing single-family homes in Dallas–Fort Worth, TX, during Q1 were on pace to equal or surpass 2016's figures, according to the Dallas Business Journal, making it another record year.
  • Prices for those properties are also expected to keep climbing as supply there continues to contract. The market has a 2.2-month inventory of single-family homes, compared to the 6-month stock needed for equilibrium.
  • For the first time, the median home price in that market ($236,500 in Q1), was higher than the national median ($232,100 for the quarter) and represented one of the country's largest home-price increases for the period, The Dallas Morning News reported.


One of the nation's fastest-growing cities, Dallas is a hotbed for new construction as companies relocate to the area motivated in part by its historically lower costs of doing business and, for employees, cost of living.

A host of projects catering to this uptick in demand are in the works. Earlier this month, Houston-based developer Hines announced plans for a 135-acre "live-work-play" mixed-use complex that will bring 3.5 million square feet of office, residential and retail space to one Dallas suburb. 

In April, developers broke ground on the 262-acre, $1 billion Bayside mixed-use project in Rowlett, TX, that will see an 8-acre lagoon and a 1,000 boat-marina added along Lake Ray Hubbard. The complex will also include 1.5 million square feet of commercial space, a 500-room resort and more than 2,500 condos, apartments, townhomes and single-family residences.

Along Frisco, TX's "$5 billion mile" is the $1.5 billion Frisco Station mixed-use development currently under construction. The 242-acre project will eventually feature 2,400 residential units, a 40-acre medical center, 650 hotel rooms and 300,000 square feet of dining, retail and entertainment space.

The rapid development in Dallas–Fort Worth has analysts worried the area could lose its status as a historically affordable market. As demand picks up and inventory lags, big builders are digging in. Taylor Morrison, for example, has said it intends to grow its presence there, announcing plans in October 2016 for two master-planned communities in the city's northern suburbs. 

Texas' housing boom drove the state to a 38% share of the MPC market in 2016 — the most of any state, and a 28-percentage-point increase in its share of all U.S. MPCs since the 1990s.

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Frisco Facts at a Glance!

by Christie Cannon

Frisco Fast Facts & Stats


  • Land square miles - 70.2
  • Land Developed - 62%
  • Growth Rate 2000 – 2014 - 307%
  • Population 7.01.2016 - 156,320
  • Population 2000 Census - 33,714
  • Population Build Out - 375,000+
Residential Demographics Average
  • Age - 36.1
  • Households w/children 17 & younger - 32.9%
  • Median Household Income - $115,603
  • Average SF Home Appraisal - $359,924
  • Median Monthly Mortgage - $2,187
  • Residents 25+ w/Bachelor’s or Grad Degree - 60.2%
  • Workforce Estimate - 75,633
  • Unemployment - 2.9%
Frisco Independent School District
  • Enrollment 5.2.2016 - 53,806
  • Projected Enrollment 2020 - 65,848
  • High Schools - 8
  • Number of Schools - 64

The Impact of Interest Rates!

by Christie Cannon

For most home buyers, a mortgage is a reality.  When it comes to purchasing with-in a buyer's set budget, understanding your interest rate is a critical factor in affordability!

Mortgage Rates are Falling

by Christie Cannon

Mortgage Rates have just dropped! Now is the time to get into that new home.  Call me today!

Mortgage Prequal v/s PreApproval - all the same....right?

by Christie Cannon

Here is a question that we do get from time to time.... from both Sellers & Buyers:

A Mortgage PreQualification or PreApproval - pretty much same thing... right?

..... So we asked Derek Altoonian of the Marcel Deitrich Team with WR Starkey for their explanation....

So… what’s the difference between a Pre-Approval versus a Pre-Qualification and why does it matter?  In simply terms, the main difference between a pre-approval and a pre-qualification:  income and asset documentation.

A pre-approval means that the loan officer has pulled credit, and collected enough information to fill out a mortgage application to form the details of the loan to purchase a new home. Additionally, a buyer has furnished paystubs, tax returns, and asset statements that show their viability to be approved for a mortgage. We have even gone so far as to underwrite the borrower without a potential address to make sure that there are no “surprises” when the borrower’s “dream home” is found.

A pre-qualification is when a loan officer pulls credit to see if the buyer has a qualifying credit score, and gathers enough information through a verbal interview with the buyer to fill out a mortgage application to see how much buying power your client has. There is often zero documentation with a pre-qualification.

We believe the Pre-Approval is, obviously, much more meaningful to sellers in today's marketplace.  The more thorough analysis of the buyer’s income, assets and credit ensures the greatest chance that the pre-approved buyer will fund on the purchase. 

- The Deitrich Team - 972-672-3246 - - WR STARKEY MORTGAGE, LLP NMLSR#2146

Thank you to Marcel & Derek. 

The "Take Away" - as a Buyer seeking every advantage in this low-inventory & competitive market, the extra work to achieve a Pre-Approval v/s a Pre-Approval may make all the difference to a savy Seller reviewing multiple offers!

- Christie Cannon

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