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Energy Efficiency & Future Homes

by Christie Cannon

Anyone who reads my blog should know, we at the Christie Cannon Team love learning... as such we are huge fans of the Texas A&M Real Estate Center.  They recently released an excellent video offering many of the coming & available technologies with regard to energy efficiency in home design.   It is exciting to see the renewed interest in the importance of "passive" solar design....  I hope you learn & enjoy!

Frisco Family Services Gala 2014!

by Christie Cannon

Good food, good music, good times.... all for a Great Cause!

Save the Date - Saturday - April 26th - 6:30pm all for Frisco Family Services

More information can be found here... I hope to see you there!

Who is Frisco Family Services?

Frisco Family Services is a 501(C)(3) non-profit tax deductible organization who helps mebers of our communities who are facing hunger, homelessness and other urgent needs improve their quaility of life and achieve self-sufficiency.

Interest Rate & Purchasing Power

by Christie Cannon


I know, I sound like a broken record.... but if you are borrowing money, interest rate is king!
The below graph does an excellent job of illustrating the effective relationship between interest rate & purchasing power based on monthly payment.

I know, I sound like a broken record.... but if you are borrowing money, interest rate is king!
The below graph does an excellent job of illustrating the effective relationship between interest rate & purchasing power based on monthly payment.

Rising Interest Rate Predictions

by Christie Cannon

Everyone knows it is coming.... but no one really agrees on exactly when or where they may end up...

Recent surveys on major retail real estate websites already cite rising interest rate fears as buyer number one concern  (with low inventory closely behind).  Below is compiled some of the major real estate institutions predictions for 4th quarter 2014.

1.8 Interest Rate Projections 

An interesting point on these predictions is that the typically rosy prediction from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is significantly higher than Fannie & Freddie, and more inline with the traditionally conservative Mortgage Bankers Association.  Towards the tale end of last year, NAR actually predicted rates to be closer to 5.4%/5.5%.  

While rates have remained at historically low prices - and yes  we now scoff at our past excitement at refi-ing below 6.5%, - when it comes to a buyer's purchasing power, the relative effect of the interest rate is profound

McKinney's Westridge ranked in top 50 in US!

by Christie Cannon

Nationally acclaimed John Burns Real Estate Consulting ranked the top 50 Master-Planned Communities in the US.  McKinney's own (and ever growing) Westridge ranked among the elite of this list. While TX accounted for a whopping 1/3 of the communities listed, Westridge was the only greater Dallas suburb to make the cut!  A renewed interest in large master-planned communities in our area has resulted from stronger buyer confidence, low pre-owned inventory, renewed investor confidence, & a new-home contruction boom.  With communities such as Celina's Light Farms & Frisco's own Phillips Creek Ranch.... perhaps 2014 will see more North TX communities making the grade.

To the many New Kids on the Block - Welcome to Texas!

by Christie Cannon

Chances are if you are not the new kid on your block, then your next door neighbor is....

In 2013 (measured July 2012 - July 2013), Texas led the nation in state-to-state migration edging out California by about 14% (about 2x the national rate)!  This is Texas' 8th year straight as the leader in population growth.   The US Census Bureau just released an estimate that 1.3 Million people moved here since 2010.  

While many factors likely played a role, it certainly doesn't help that Texas out performed the national in job creation by approximately 2:1! 

Many (if not most) home-buyers currently looking for houses have seen the effect of this growth, combined with the lingering effects of the past few years economies,resulting in very low inventory (much to home-builder's delight).  The tight inventory of pre-owned & new homes continue to drive & maintain prices above historical growth.

If the state's migration trend continues as predicted (even at a diminished rate) & we continue to see populations move from rural to urban & suburban areas, it is likely that all residents will feel the continued growth more & more in our daily lives as state & local leadership are faced with increased challenges from water usage & traffic.  Fortunately, may experts believe that between a stronger economy, stricter financing, & some very hard lessons's learned, Texas is not as likely to return to the boom-bust cycle we suffered in the 1980's.   

- Christie Cannon 

Happy New Years to All!

by Christie Cannon

Wishing everyone a Happy Home & wonderful 2014!

- best wishes in the new year

Christie Cannon

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