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McKinney TX continues to seek airport expansion

by Christie Cannon

In case you missed the billboards & ads - McKinney is pushing hard to expand their share of the air! McKinney National Airport continues to court corporate & executive air travel seeking an alternative to Love Field's increased (& projected increases) in commercial traffic.  After McKinney's recent large investments in the expansion & updating of the former Collin County Regional Airport - now McKinney National Airport (TKI) - results are beginning to show! Monach Air anounced a lease of a large portion of the airport's hangar space & the airport was recently names in the 2014 Pilot's Choice Awards by 

More info can be found at

Little Elm's latest new community - Union Park

by Christie Cannon

Hillwood's latest Little Elm development - a $600 Million+ venture - looks to be a stand out!  With the continued growth headed north, this community is positioned to compete among the renewed growth & expansion of the 380 corridor. The build-out expectation is 2,400 homes served by a 30-acre park, greenspaces, ponds, hiking/jogging trails, an amenity center, & ampitheater! 

The communty rendering can be found here!

Frisco, TX - Development Update!

by Christie Cannon

Frisco, TX - Want to know what is going on with the latest in Frisco's development & demographics... check out the Frisco Economic Development Council.  Their most recent presentation can be found here - offering the latest information on the Forest City development at 380 & the Tollway, Frisco Market Center, Grand park, Frisco Square & more!  - Still no solid information on Frisco's silo restaurant project by MDS Capital!

- Christie Cannon - 469-951-9588  -

Frisco's Old Grain Silos - a Future Attraction?

by Christie Cannon

Everything old is new again! - How cool is this idea..... MDS Capital continues to explore the concept they proposed back in April for Frisco's Grain Elevators (located on the North side of Main St - where Main intersects the Railroad Tracks) & their re-purposing the elevators into an entertainment & restaurant attraction!  The buildings where originally built in the 1940's & 1950's and played a key role in Frisco deep agricultural roots (more info can be found at  

CBS offered an update last month, as the city & MDS Capital continued to advance their plans - their video can be found here.

Thank you Texas Monthly Magazine - 5 Star Professional Award

by Christie Cannon

Thank you to our wonderful clients, awesome staff, & buyer agents for their part in The Christie Cannon Team being selected again as a 5-Star Professional & featured in Texas Monthly Magazine for the 3rd year in a row!  I truly appreciate the confidence our clients place in us and am thrilled by the dedication of my staff & team in ensuring that we continue to provide the highest level of service.

- Christie Cannon - 469-951-9588  - - 

I Don’t Always Find a House I Like, but When I Do …..

by Christie Cannon

“Why is it….

By now we have all experienced it… House Today, Gone Tomorrow!  But why so fast?...  Sometimes the answer is obvious – the home is priced well, staged, well marketed, in a desirable area, low inventory, priced below FHA limits,… etc & thus moves quickly.   BUT what about that home that is 112 days on the market, you finally go look at it… make your offer & BOOM – multiple offers, or worse… the seller just accepted another offer!   That (my friends) is a whole other level of frustration… how odd that no-one bought it for all that time, until (seemingly) “we” get interested.  So why is it?

It is important to understand that often the very same market factors that “drove” you to that particular home are driving other buyers.  It isn’t hard to surmise that buyers are looking for the best home at the best price – but to see how that may play out in a home that seems more “market stale” than others, picture this same 112 “days on market” home for the last 100 days as having strong competition in surrounding homes. One with an award winning media room, one on a greenbelt, one almost new, one with massive updates, perhaps one a little less functionally obsolete, or maybe a few just priced less – all of these fall under contract, one after the other - until POOF, the 112 “days on market” house’s time has come. This isn’t to take away from the 112 “days on market” house, but simply to reflect that as competition falls off the market, simply due to scarcity of the inventory, the desirability of the 112 day home increases (this is especially true if new listings to the market continue to have price increases) - driving you & the other buyers towards the same home.

Even knowing this…. it still doesn’t make it feel any less like a conspiracy.

Stay "searching" my friends,

- Christie Cannon  -  469-951-9588  -

Frisco's MLS March Market Numbers!

by Christie Cannon

The MLS just released the preliminary Frisco numbers for March 2014 & WOW!

  • March-to-March listing down -21.3%
  • Year-to-Date listings down -13%
  • March-to-March closed sales down -12.8%
  • Year-to-Date closed down -3.6%
  • March-to-March Listing Under Contract down -25.2%
  • Year-to-Date Listings Under Contract down -12.5%
  • March-to-March Days on Market UP +0.7% = 51 days.
  • Year-to-Date Days on Market down -12.9%
  • Month’s Supply of Inventory down 32.9% to 1.5 months supply
  • YTD Price is up +12.5% Average & +16.5% Median Sales Prices
  • Percent of Original List Price Received YTD is 96.4%

A couple of things that stand out to me…

  1. WOW – inventory is low!
  2. See #1
  3. The huge discrepancy between March-to-March numbers v/s the YTD may be explained by not only changes in market but also (to a degree):
    1. March numbers include some estimates/projections
    2. Weather factors were big this spring – which often affects buying cycles (moving them sooner &/or later in a year)
    3. More purchases are occurring outside of the MLS – New Builds, some “Hip Pocket Listings”, etc
    4. ** While a 1.5 months supply of homes clearly indicates a strong seller’s market, dare I say, there are still some sellers who may be over estimating their home’s position in the market or the market’s strength – which is reflected in an average sale with a Percent of Original List Price as 96.4%, which does NOT reflect seller paid concessions – and an increased number of days on market (I am proud to say that The Christie Cannon Team averaged 20 Days on Market with over 98% of Original List Price).

Have questions on how this market may affect you or your family's real estate goals?  Have questions about how your city, area, or neighborhood is doing?

Please feel free to call or email with questions!

-          Christie Cannon  -  469-951-9588  -

Insights from Highland Homes' VP of Market Trends

by Christie Cannon

Recently, Highland Homes' blog featured a Q&A with Highland's VP of Architecture & Market Trends, Gonzalo Romero (with whom my clients & I have had the pleasure of working).  It offers an interesting insight in to the latest trends & designs in new home constructions.  

You can find Mr Romero's comments & thoughts here

- thanks, Christie Cannon

Tis the Season - for Protesting your Property Tax Value

by Christie Cannon

The season is almost upon us.... property tax protest season!  So what do you do when that envelope arrives & your value went sky high?  You do have the opportunity & option to contest/protest your tax value.  Despite what some may lead you to believe, it is not a terribly difficult process.

While counties do have variations, tax protests start about May 1st.  While most counties offer easy steps & explanations to the process, the how & why a value was derived still leaves many of us wondering.  

Once again Texas A&M's Real Estate Center  has come to the rescue in this month's Tierra Grande, offering a wonderful article on the detai ls of the Property Tax Protest & Appeal!

You can find the article on their website -

Need help or have questions about the comps for your home (from Jan 1st time)? - please feel free to give me a call...

- Christie Cannon

What's up in Frisco ?!? - Frisco EDC Update

by Christie Cannon

The Frisco Economic Development Council - - offered a wonderful presentation to the Heritage Green HOA earlier this month.

For anyone getting to know Frisco - or just looking for an update on the information that you have, it is a great place to start!

You can find their presentation here - Heritage Green HOA - Frisco EDC - it is an excellent source of some of the newest developments, demographics, & growth!

Thanks - Christie Cannon - 469-951-9588

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