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Grandscape in The Colony - a Game Changer?

by Christie Cannon

The Colony TX scored a huge commercial win a few years back, the culmination of which is come due.  The corner-stone of this development plan is ambitious project - Grandscape.  Billed as one of the largest & most unique mixed use developments in the nation, this complex boasts 400+ acres, 3.9 million sqft of retail space, entertainment, & dining.  It is in a prime location to serve The Colony, Castle Hills, Plano, Frisco, & more -not to mention the 306k cars per day projected to cruise past this development in 2015!  The driving force behind this development is the massive Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas. With Nebraska Furniture Mart's grand opening almost upon us.. it will be amazing to see how this project advances! - Have Questions?  Please call Christie Cannon - 469-951-9588 


Nebraska Furniture Mart - The Colony, TX - OPENING SOON

by Christie Cannon

Everything is bigger in TX.... to the tune of 1.8+ million square feet if you are the Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas.  This new shopping experience is part of a rejuvination of The Colony & Castle Hills areas, which includes new & updated projects like Grandscape.  The cities newest commercial anchor, Nebraska Furniture Mart will be making their grand opening in the next month, complete with an appearance by Omaha's very own Warren Buffett.  They are currently projecting over $1Bn in annual sales!  Nebraska Furniture Mart is already ramping up the advertisements & a few giveaways to start the buzz.  

Check out a few sneak peeks below! - Have Questions please feel free to give me a call! - Christie Cannon


The long time buzz appears to have come true... Frisco's own Brinkmann Ranch (the original Southfork Ranch from the Dallas TV show) has sold off another 330+ acres of their prime real estate.  It appears that Landon Homes (most recently of Richwoods, Frisco fame) may be looking to develop another gated community here in East Frisco.  As one of the last large land "hold-outs" here in Frisco it will be shocking to many to see another part of this icon finally in the hands of developers.  With current low inventory levels, the continued sharp rise in land prices, and the expansion of Main st (east of Preston) it was only a matter of time. While this isn't the first parcel Brinkmann has sold, nor is it the iconic corner property (part of the original, smaller ranch) at Main & Preston - it is still an interesting development bound to capture the interest of many Frisco residents.  

For those who may be short on their Frisco TX history, or the history of the Brinkmann Ranch - it is owned by Baxter Brinkmann, the founder, owner & CEO of Brinkmann Corporation (grills, outdoor recreational equipment, & more). The Ranch is a true working ranch and had held well over 5500 acres. The ranch runs a Black Angus & Longhorn cattle operation, as well as breeding program which has garned world recognition & offered multiple award winning horses.   Prior to Brinkmann's ownership, the ranch was know as the Cloyce Box Ranch (Box Ranch).  To the general US population, the Cloyce Box Ranch became know as "Southfork" in the original season of Dallas.  After the first production season, the show was moved (at the Box family's request) off the property, where it settled to the west in Parker at the now more recognized Southfork location (previously called Duncan Acres).  The Cloyce Box ranch became not only an icon in Frisco, but became a symbol of the "bigger in Texas" attitude that the nation came to assume of a Dallas cattleman. The site offered the perfect setting for local & national events.  The Ranch (under both Brinkmann & Box ownership) hosted the famous Cattle Baron's Ball on several occasions.  Cloyce Box, a former NFL player turned oil-man & entrepreneur, was as interesting a character as the ranch itself.  Cloyce's son Doug Box wrote a very well regarded book, "Cutter Frisco", which chronicled life growing up on the ranch.  Tragically, in 1987 the original & grand home (storied to have built in the 1940's to replicate Scarlett O'Hara's plantation home) caught fire & burned down - you can watch news reel footage on the internet about the tragedy. Sadly, Mr.Cloyce Box passed away prior to being able to reconstruct the home (hence the structure you still see standing as a frame today).  Amazingly, the original staircase of the house survived the fire & can be found, along with an amazing exhibit, at the Frisco Heritage Museum.  

Moving forward it will be interesting to see how the large remaining tracts are treated.  Long has been an expressed desire to see a large corporate campus, but with the competing interest of rising home prices & land values - only Mr. Brinkmann & the future buyer may know for sure!

One thing is for sure, the "original Dallas" is (or perhaps soon to be "was") truly a Frisco original.

- Have some history to add? Have some history to correct? - We are happy to hear from you.  - Kevin Cannon - 214-714-4032 

Foreclosure Inventory Remains on the Right Track

by Christie Cannon

Foreclosure Inventory Down 35.5% from Last Year | Keeping Current Matters

According to the CoreLogic National Foreclosure Report“approximately 552,000 homes in the US were in some state of foreclosure as of December 2014”. This figure is down 34.3% from the 840,000 homes in December of 2013. December marked the 38th consecutive month in which there were year-over-year declines.

Anand Nallathambl, the President & CEO of CoreLogic, is hopeful for the future, saying:

“At current foreclosure rates, we expect to see the foreclosure inventory in the U.S. drop below 500,000 homes sometime in the first quarter of 2015 which would be another milestone in the healing of the housing market.”

The map below shows the percentages of foreclosure inventory in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C. Thirty-six states have inventory below the national rate of 1.4% and can be seen in two shades of green.

CoreLogic Foreclosure Inventory | Keeping Current Matters

Bottom Line

Even though some states have not recovered completely from the foreclosure crisis, the nation as a whole is on the right track as inventory decreases. 

Awlays kee in mind, not only is the data local.... it is hyper-local!  Want to know more about your area, please give me a call - Christie Cannon

Where to Invest in Housing in 2015 - Forbes Magazine

by Christie Cannon

Forbes Magazine published their "where to invest" list for 2015. Not surprisingly, Texas holds five spots on the "Best Buy" list with Austin (1), Dallas (3), Houston (5), San Antonio (6), & Fort Worth (10). While prices in Texas have been accelerating between 7-12% annually, it is a combination of buyer demand & a diverse economy that help keep our TX cities on the list.

Read the entire article here at  

Where are Americans Moving From?

by Christie Cannon

Real Estate Headed in the Right Direction?

by Christie Cannon


Real Estate Heading in the “Right Direction” | Keeping Current Matters

The housing market has taken a great turn toward recovery over the last few years. The opinions of the American public toward real estate took longer to recover, until recently.

For the first time since 2006, Americans have an overall positive view of real estate, giving the industry a 12% positive ranking in a Gallup poll.

Americans were asked to rate 24 different business sectors and industries on a five-point scale ranging from "very positive" to "very negative." The poll was first conducted in 2001, and has been used as an indicator of “Americans’ overall attitudes toward each industry”.

America's View on Real Estate | Keeping Current Matters

Americans’ view of the real estate industry worsened from 2003 to the -40% plummet of 2008.  Gallup offers some insight into the reason for decline:

Prices Dropped

“In late 2006, real estate prices in the U.S. began falling rapidly, and continued to drop. Many homeowners saw their home values plummet, likely contributing to real estate's image taking a hard hit.”

Housing Bubble

“The large drops in the positive images of banking and real estate in 2008 and 2009 reflect both industries' close ties to the recession, which was precipitated in large part because of the mortgage-related housing bubble.”

Bottom Line

“Although the image of real estate remains below the average of 24 industries Gallup has tracked, the sharp recovery from previous extreme low points suggests it is heading in the right direction.”

- Have Questions?  Call Christie - 469-951-9588 

Core-Logic's Home Price Index Report

by Christie Cannon

Another national Real Estate source affirms strengthin the DFW market

December 2014 - Core Logic Home Price Index Report


- Hvae questions about the local market?  Please feel free to give me a call - Christie Cannon - Keller Williams Frisco - 469-951-9588

National Home Prices - Infographic

by Christie Cannon

Looking for more Local Data - Try Here for data or Here for a custom report on your home.

Have Questions? - You can always give me a call at 469-951-9588 - Christie Cannon

Mortgage Rates - Why Have They Dropped?

by Christie Cannon

Why Have Interest Rates Dropped Despite Predictions of Rising Rates?

Where will Mortgage Rates be Headed in 2015? | Simplifying The Market

The headlines agree mortgage interest rates have dropped substantially below initial projections. Many who are considering purchasing a home, or moving up to their dream home, might think that they should wait to buy, because rates may continue to fall.

A recent article on the Economists’ Outlook blog by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) provides insight into one major factor in the decline in interest rates, the crude oil price.

“As of January 5, 2015, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that the price of regular gasoline was $2.20/gallon, the lowest since gas prices peaked to about $ 4/gallon in May 2011.”

You may have noticed that filling your gas tank has become substantially less expensive in recent months. A welcome change from the close to $5 a gallon that many Americans were paying this time last year. The average US household is projected to save around $550 in 2015.

So what does that have to do with Interest Rates?

NAR explains the correlation like this:

“Lower oil prices mean lower inflation rate, which pushes down mortgage rates.”

Based on Freddie Mac’s weekly mortgage survey as of January 22, 2015, the 30-year fixed rate averaged 3.63% and the 15-year fixed rate averaged 2.93%.

“The decline in oil prices is generally positive to households by way of the gas savings and lower mortgage payments. That savings will boost consumer spending in other areas. But there may be some layoffs in oil-producing states.”

How long will rates stay low?

No one really knows how long oil prices will continue to support low mortgage rates. In a New York Times article, the author points to the fact that “adding hundreds of billions of dollars to consumer spending” could start to have a “counter effect” on rates as the economy continues to strengthen.

“If firms start hiring again, and wages increase — that’s when the level of all interest rates in the U.S. would increase.” 

Don’t wait too long

The low interest rates we are currently experiencing are not going to stay around forever. The current projections from Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, NAR and the Mortgage Bankers Association all agree that interest rates will increase to between 4.3-5.4% by the end of 2015.

Bottom Line

NAR reports: “At the median home price of $205,300, a 0.75 percentage point drop in mortgage rates will yield savings of about $1,000 annually.”

- Looking for a Mortgage Expert to assist you?  Please feel free to give me a call - 469-951-9588

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