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McKinney, TX - The Year’s Most Searched ZIP Codes on

by Christie Cannon

Each year tracks the most searched zip codes in the nation... every year North TX commands a spot or two.  This year,'s list of top 5 zip codes counts McKinney TX as number 2! 

Named by CNN's Money magazine in 2012 as a Best Place to Live in America (for the 3rd time), and the seat of government for Collin County... McKinney's popularity is no secret.  Lightly rolling terrain, mature trees, extensive green-spaces, parks, & the award winning Heard Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary certainly help make McKinney Unique by Nature.  

You can view the list full & article here. With all that McKinney has to offer, the city's recognition is very well deserved.

Interesting Frisco TX Growth Update!

by Christie Cannon

I remember when Frisco, TX was the place people went bird hunting.  It was a few small communities and a hodge-podge of ranches; one famous and a few infamous.....  When I moved here from Plano the population was around 28,000 - when the EDC was formed the population was about 6,000!

Everyone knows Frisco's growth has been record breaking, but is our potential fully realized?  

Having attended a development round-table earlier this week, I am delighted to share a few "Frisco Facts," of which I was reminded or only just learned:

  • Frisco ISD has remained the fastest growing in TX (and in the top of the nation) for 12 consecutive years
  • Frisco ISD has more Exemplary Rated Schools than any district in TX
  • Frisco ISD is about 68% built-out (between development, parks, etc)
  • The city of Frisco is approximately 50% built-out
  • 3 land owners retain the majority of the undeveloped land (over 60%)
  • Frisco boasts appox 1,400-acres of developed park land & 56 miles of hike & bike trails (& growing)
  • Frisco owns approx 750 undeveloped park lands
  • Stonebrook Parkway... will not be opening as quick as most believed - between crossing a Flood Plain & Rail Road, we are looking less at months & more towards years

Congratulations to both Frisco & McKinney!  Seems the rest of the nation is learning what we already know... conducted a recent study of the top 100 Mid-Sized cities based upon Cost of Living, Unemployment Rate, Median Income, Crime Rating, School Quality, & Number of Homes for Sale per Capita.

The Top Ten:

  1. Frisco, TX
  2. McKinney, TX
  3. Cary, NC
  4. Pembroke Pines, FL
  5. Cape Coral, FL
  6. Cedar Rapids, IA
  7. Overland Park, KS
  8. Sioux Falls, SD
  9. Naperville, IL
  10. Olathe, KS

How did the competition stack up? - view the article here

National Association of Realtors 2014 Projections!

by Christie Cannon

2014 Projections BlogSize

School Rating System Changes! - Say it isn't so!

by Christie Cannon

TEA finally made the change to the new rating system.  How does the new system stack up?

New 2013 School Accountability Ratings

  • MS* = Met Standard with one or more Distinctions
  • MS = Met Standard
  • MAS = Met Alternative Standard
  • IR = Improvement Required

The Texas Education Agency has released the 2013 state accountability system ratings for school districts throughout Texas. Districts receive one of three ratings under the new accountability system: Met Standard, Met Alternative Standard, or Improvement Required. The MS* denotes that the campus received Met Standard rating plus distinctions under the 2013 state accountability system.

The Distinction designations recognize outstanding academic achievement in reading, English language arts and mathematics on various indicators of postsecondary readiness. Campuses that receive an accountability rating of Met Standard are eligible for Distinction designations in 2013. The individual Distinction designations are listed on the TEA website.​

Fannie Mae's Housing Forecast August 2013

by Christie Cannon

Fannie Mae 3

The Mortgage Minute! - Upcoming changes in residential mortgages!

by Christie Cannon

Thank you to Marcel Deitrich of WR Starkey!

The mortgage market is changing again. Over the next two months, we have several changes that will affect mortgage options for consumers.

Because the FED did not begin the tapering of Quantitative Easing, interest rates have lowered a bit, and are now at 6 week lows. It was a shock to most who were expecting the tapering to begin, which means the FED may also shock and start the tapering  when most now do not expect it. Quantitative Easing is the 85 Billion Dollars that the US Treasury is putting in to bonds and mortgage backed securities monthly meant to artificially keep interest rates low and stimulate housing and the economy.

On October 1st, the government will be shut down if the our politicians do not come to an agreement on raising the debt ceiling and Obamacare. Part of this shut down could be the IRS. This is important to home buyers because lenders have to verify filed tax returns through a transcript they order from the IRS. If the IRS is closed, it would stop mortgages where the lender had not received those transcripts.

FHA starting on October 15th is changing their rules with regard to collection accounts. After that date, collection accounts over $2,000 will have to be paid off, or 5% of the collection balance will put in the debt to income ratios, meaning buyers will qualify for a lesser loan. The is true not only for the home buyer, but also for a spouse not on the loan.

On November 15th, Fannie Mae is changing their Automated Underwriting system. It will no longer allow for the very popular 3% down conventional loan program. Buyers interested in using the conventional 3% down program must act quickly.

That wraps up my Mortgage Minute.

Give me a call if you have any questions.




Christie Cannon's Home Search Mobile APP!

by Christie Cannon

Just click & go!

Real-time updates! Latest MLS based info! Easy to use! Map searches!

Outlining search areas is as easy as drawing with your finger!

Update on the Dallas Cowboy's Stadium & changes coming to Frisco!

by Christie Cannon
  • Location is northwest corner of Dallas North Tollway and Warren Parkway.
  • Development will include an indoor stadium, plaza, restaurants, Cowboys headquarters, retail, office buildings, and hotels.
  • There will be 1.71 million square feet of space, including two hotels with 450 rooms.
  • This is an optimal site because there is $4.5 million in retail within one square mile.
  • An adjacent 250 acres has been sold to the development for a total of around 350 acres in the entire project.
  • The Cowboys will be the signature tenant on the 350 acres.
  • The sports facility portion is 20 acres and is comprised of an indoor stadium, outdoor fields, parking, and Cowboys offices.
  • The City of Frisco is donating 91.645 acres plus $30 million.  No increase in property or sales tax is required.
  • Frisco ISD already had $30 million budgeted for the construction of a new stadium.
  • FISD gets first right to the indoor stadium on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • The Cowboys are responsible for 100% of the field maintenance.
  • The stadium budget is $90 million and the stadium will be owned by the City of Frisco.
  • The development is expected to pay Frisco up to $1.26 billion in cumulative taxes.
  • Plans will be drawn up over the next 9-12 months and construction to begin August 2014.
  • All overruns will be paid by Blue Star Development (Cowboys).
  • The Cowboys want to be in their facility for 2016 training camp.
  • Warren Parkway will be widened by two more lanes (inside lanes added).
  • Lebanon Road is also expected to be widened by two more lanes (inside lanes added).
  • Dallas Parkway (North Dallas Tollway service road) will be widened by one lane from Lebanon Road south to State Highway 121/Sam Rayburn Tollway.

Frisco - NEW PARK Locations approved for BMX & Skateboard Facilities

by Christie Cannon

Frisco's award winning Parks & Recreation Department made an announcement that may have gone under the radar for many.  The City has endorsed the expansion of two undeveloped parks which will include a skateboard park & a bicycle motorcross (BMX) facility! Frisco's goal is to open these facilities in the next 12-14 months!

The proposed locations are below:

SKATEBOARD Park = Northeast Community Park
Park Type: Community Park
Nearest Major Intersection: Panther Creek Parkway & Coit Road
Acres: 75

BMX Facility = Northwest Community Park
Park Type: Community Park
Nearest Major Intersection: Panther Creek Parkway & Teel Parkway
Acres: 164.04

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